Easy ways to boost blog traffic

Posted by Unknown on 03 March 2012

boost blog traffic
not this traffic but blog traffic :D
in 2011 first quadrant actually, there are one people (i know just one person) that extreme opportunistic, which one he knows that on that time "Dofollow blog" is one of the most searches in whole world, he actually can use that even to extremely boost his blog traffic, and then optimizing his blog with the pillar content that can maintain blog readers, so you have to learn that thing, because its very incredible profitable if you can do the actually same thing that he do.

first, he make a blog that containing good enough design, article. so other people think that the blog is serious and quality blog, and of course he make his blog dofollow, and then publish and socialize that to some social circle, such as twitter, forum, facebook, squidoo. then you know that time dofollow blog is the most searches in this whole world, and of course they cant ignore that thing, what they do is visit his blog and make some link (they think a permanent link), and of course by accident they read those article, where these article are good enough for studying, so they visit his blog every day to check some new post to make a link, and read article from his blog.

whats next? of course that thing repeated many times, until the traffic, followers, and commenters, readers, subscriber are much enough. then he change his blog to nofollow, and of course his blog SERP is jump higher, and apologize to his blog readers for any reason, as you know his blog readers are not gone, because they just hooked with his pillar content. then his blog just win for keyword "seo for blogger"

seo for blogger

he just beat seo book and wordtracker even he just Indonesian blogger. and you know if you have some keyword that in first place of google search, you'll get a lot of traffic and traffic = money.

i just want to tell you about this success story, honestly and sadly i cant do this incredible thing, because i just newbie, that have no idea about big thing like that, hope you can take the benefit and wisdom from this happy story.

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