Beginner guide to keyword research

Posted by Unknown on 03 March 2012

choosing keywords
choosing keyword is hard enough
At the very first if you wanna to blog or creating a website, of course you'll have to choose your niche and also some topics, and then keyword research, many people just research keyword in bad, they choose some high paying keyword, some high competition.

i don't know who you are, but i think if you newbie, you should choose an easy keyword one to win, of course to practice to future experience, but if you research keyword that bad, you gonna find that your website is failed to take many traffic from google, also lost lot of money of course, it will gonna make you sad, or maybe make you depression and then make you give up (but it's not very good for you) you want to get traffic, money, err no, i think this post just gonna tell you about how to begin keyword research properly and suitable for your website.

did you know what keyword in seo means? I'll tell you about the right keyword in seo elegantly, so read with spirit :)
keyword is some word that describe your website/blog characteristics
that's it, i give you some example, in a real life of course, if other people want to find you, what characteristics that other people need to know about you? smart, handsome, friendly, tall, age of 21 years old, have black shiny hair, using eyeglass. of course they will found you, because that is the real characteristics of you, what other people do is, making some website, and then using some keyword that didn't match with they website, then what happen? they website never show in the first page of google search for they keywords, because you know that these keyword didn't match with their website.

"but Gan, we have to adapt those keyword for our readers or customer want, and how is that?" exactly, that's fully right, that's why you search topics and niche to choose, because you want a favorable market that will make you make money, you know, you already do that thing while you choose your interests to blog, choose niche, and choose topics. i believe that you not gonna choose some extremely lonely market right? i sure you choose some active market that active enough for you. i believe if you already choose the good enough topics and niche, there would available lot of people that have same interests and they would open your blog/website.
having positive unique characteristics
having positive unique characteristics

so, what should you do, is searching some potential keyword that have enough competition and traffic for you and they are match with your website characteristic and can describe your website characteristic. so do it with tons of fun and you will blog/webbing with charisma.